Success on LinkedIn

£52,000 from their first post

A client of mine who attended one of my workshops added their first post on to LinkedIn during my workshop.  It read ‘Just to let you know I am going to be at the XYZ Exhibition on Friday.  If any of my connections are going, let me know’.

By the end of the workshop, he had a meeting at the exhibition.  Three weeks later, he called me to tell me that this meeting had turned into a £52,000 order.  All that from his first post on LinkedIn.

A Solicitor client of ours made £135,000 in three months on LinkedIn

A solicitor client of ours made £135,000 in their first three months on LinkedIn. Not a bad start!  What was interesting was that several of her colleagues had won nothing from LinkedIn and felt LinkedIn was a waste of time.

Upon further investigation, I found that the lady who had made £135,000 in three months had been taking consistent action and followed the system I had outlined during my training with them.  The people who said LinkedIn was a waste of time were the people who had done nothing because they were too busy.

As I usually say, “Action is the key”.

Growing our Seminar Business

Last month, we had 25 people on our workshops directly from LinkedIn and all together, over the past year, we had over 150 people on our seminars and workshops.

Hair Dresser client of ours uses Social Media

A hairdressing client of mine uses Social Media to fill their order book with discounted offers. Who says Facebook is not for business?

Finding people in Corporates

A client of ours spent six months trying to find the name of the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone in Oman.  He attended a half day workshop and had his name, was connected to him on LinkedIn and had his telephone number and email address within 10 minutes.

Getting found for HR Advice

Another client got himself into the No.1 position on LinkedIn under a search for ‘HR Advice’ on LinkedIn.  It took him less than 15 mins to do it!