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Useful Links & Recommended Websites

Useful Links

Recommended websites

On this page, you will find a list of websites that I recommend.  I hope that they help you grow your profit, by helping you to reduce costs, or increase sales.

The Prudent Marketer blog.  For the latest tips, strategies and ideas from Steve and other leading marketing experts.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – Ever seen those websites where someone pops us and says how can I help.  You can ask questions live, on the internet with a real live person.  These are great for CRO (conversion rate optimisation), in other words getting more leads.  Check this site out for a 30 days trial…

The LinkedIn Academy – Steve’s website which is dedicated to helping people use LinkedIn to grow their business.  Join The LinkedIn Academy and get lots of free tips.

LinkedIn – The world’s leading social media website for business

Business Connections Live – A fantastic business TV channel on the Internet.  They are live every Wednesday at 7pm.  Check back issues for my interviews.

Run a Domain name check to see if you are blacklisted anywhere –  First go here:

Then check the IP address of your office at

Then having got your IP address, enter that here:

This will tell you if your email and/or domain is getting blocked, or blacklisted anywhere?

Opal Flame – Customers of our audio marketing programmes are continually complimenting the amazing quality and clarity of the material.  Robert always comes up trumps.  I am always amazed at his intuition in putting together the best edits.  He is more than a sound producer; he sees the bigger picture.

Smart Numbers – This is a fantastic resource for business who want to use different telephone numbers in order to track their marketing results.

Nightingale Conant – They sell fantastic marketing, management and personal development CD’s, DVD’s and other audio programmes. They normally offer a 30-day trial before you buy so if you don’t like the programme, you just return it to them.

Institute of Sales and Marketing Management – They run great seminars and the mag is also good. Worth looking at if you are in sales or marketing.

Word Tracker – The website provides a keyword search optimisation service.

SunZu – is an on-line networking club. Well worth checking out for your business.

Elance – A great website for sourcing services worldwide.  Develop your own worldwide small business.

ClickBank – This website has products that you can sell on your website for a commission as an affiliate. Often commissions are in excess of 50% of the product

Fiverr – This is a great website with people offering to do things for you for $5!

A great website for finding experts to outsource your needs to.

SalesForce – The worlds leading CRM Software

Build A Brand – A site to get design done cheaply

oDesk – This website matches people with a job; build a flexible workforce based on skills, ratings, and reviews

Twilert – Provides you with alerts from Twitter. In other words, when someone uses words like “does anyone know someone who can help me to _____” it alerts you.

Klout – Gives you a score in terms of how well you are doing on social media

Echo Live Scribe – This site sells a pen that enables you to take meeting notes and upload them onto your computer. Then, with just a click of a button, it can turn your notes into typed text or a report.

Zip Shot Tripod – This website is where you can buy a great little tripod that folds away very small and is ideal for  producing your YouTube videos


The FD Group – Looking for a great part time FD?   Talk to Trevor Wilson at The FD Group

Solways Printers – If you are looking for top class printing, then Tim is your man at Solways Printers

Tony Robbins – Great for tips and advice on personal and business development – Get a free blog. You blog to get onto the first page of Google. It is owned by Google and it is free. Very powerful!

Techsmith – On this website, you can buy Camtasia screen capture video production software & other products. Camtasia is well worth looking at if you are serious about video production

MailChimp – A website for cheap email marketing


Constant Contact – A CRM website for cheap email marketing

99 Designs – 99 Designs is great.  If you want something designed, you ask for a design then lots of people put forward their design.  You review all the designs that have been selected for you and then you select the design that you like and you pay for it.

Fivesquids  – On this website you can get people to help you with your marketing.  Not only that, but the cost is only £5.

PR to Go – Monitor your PR efforts

Docmail – Print and send out postcards for less than the cost of a stamp – Get a quote or find freelance work on-line

Sustainable Routes – This website offers 50/50 funding to SME’s to help them become ‘greener’ by reducing travel costs.

Check out Opuzz for royalty free music

Social Media Tools

LinkedIn Training


One of the Social Media Tools for Business That You Can’t Afford Not to Use

Videos are one of the most useful and often neglected social media tools for business. It attracts a lot of interest due to its highly visual nature not to mention engaging content that leads to a lot of discussions online.

A prime example of the effectiveness of videos is through YouTube. There are so many videos uploaded to the site across all niches, and a user can easily get lost among the sea of videos hosted on the site. When users like a video they see, they will immediately share this with their friends, who in turn will share the video with their network if they see value or appreciate the content of the video. With the right content and presentation, a video can quickly go viral these days!

Another upside of using videos as one of your social media tools for business is its appeal to people who do not like to read. People who’d rather watch videos can search for tutorials online or find books turned to movies and even videos on their worst or favourite school subjects. Watching the videos will make it easier for anybody including learning about anything.

These are just some of the reasons why it is imperative for any company and business to include videos in their arsenal of social media tools for business!

Although it sounds simple to create a video and upload it to YouTube or on to any other video hosting sites, your need to keep a few things in mind in order to create effective marketing videos for your business.

How to maximise the use of videos to complement with your other social media tools for business:

  1. Make sure that you know your audience. Of course, you should know who you are creating a video for. You’re not creating a video for kids, college kids, parents, and professionals or, in short, the general public. You are creating a video with a specific target in mind; and that is, your target market,
  2. Have a clear message. Now that you have a target market or demographic, think about the message that you want to deliver. Do you want to encourage, inspire, teach or invite them to a seminar perhaps? Whatever your message may be, you have to make sure that your message is clear, simple and relevant for your target audience.
  3. Have a set budget. Of course, you will need to spend to create a decent video. You might even need to hire a professional video production company to help you create a more streamlined video which would be perfect for your business. Either way, you need to set a budget to ensure that you don’t go beyond your limit.

Using social media tools for business is a must nowadays. If you want more information on how to leverage the power of social media, you can follow Steve Mills.

LinkedIn Training Basingstoke

LinkedIn DVD Training programme


A big thank you to everyone on the LinkedIn Webinar today.  We had over 100 people on the webinar, including people in Italy, France and USA.  I am now looking forward to our next LinkedIn Event on 19th March 2015, which is a one day workshop.

Further details regarding the workshop can be found by clicking LinkedIn Workshop Training Basingstoke.

LinkedIn Webinar Training

We are getting ready to launch the new 8 week LinkedIn webinar programme.  It starts on 9th September at 4.30pm and is held each Thursday until 5.15pm.

For further details go to LinkedIn Webinar Training.

Marketing Training UK | The Prudent Method

Steve Mills - linkedIn Training

Why do small businesses need Prudent Marketing in 2013?

There are currently three million business owners in the UK and most of them are confused and and frustrated with Marketing in general and Internet Marketing in particular.

Let’s face it – marketing can be a waste of money!  In fact, I would go so as far as to say that more money is wasted on marketing, than in any other part of most small businesses.

You only need to have a look at most websites.  A typical website for a small business might cost £1,000 to £4,000 and if yet most produce little, or no new leads, or sales!

One of the myths about Internet Marketing is “having a better looking website, will create more leads” and it simply is not true.  There are two key factors to Internet Marketing success and they are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversion

The average conversion rate on the internet is 1% and that means that 99% of the people that come to the websites of small business owners, leave without making a sale.

So, why do you need to be more prudent with your marketing?  Whilst the answer may be obvious, it really comes down to three things:

  1. Reducing the money and time that is wasted on marketing
  2. Improving the performance of each and every element of your current marketing
  3. Building new marketing and income streams on to your business

Where do you start?

The first things to understand are your marketing numbers.  These include numbers like the number of people that visit your website, or the number of networking events you need to attend to get a lead.

Once you know where you are, step two is to start thinking about improving your numbers.  How can you win more business from referral?  How can you create an on-going stream of leads from LinkedIn?  How can you improve your lead conversion rate?

Step three is to start to build new streams of income in a tested, measured and consistent manor.

What are my top tips for Prudent Marketing?

  1. Measure your sales and marketing
  2. Never be satisfied with the results you are getting
  3. Learn and embrace the new technology
  4. Use marketing without money strategies before you throw a load of money at marketing
  5. Take marketing seriously.  Marketing is the key to your success.  Consider yourself as a marketing company and as such, you need to be better at sales and marketing than your competitors.

If you want to know more about Prudent Marketing go to and down load my free e-book called ‘The 10 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make’.

Internet Marketing Training | Just not good enough

In 2013 getting ‘Internet Marketing fit’ is not a should, it is a must.  Let’s face it, more and more business is being done on-line and you need to be part of it.

You simply can’t afford to run your business using out of date ‘Industrial Age’ Marketing.  You must move forward into the‘Socialisation Age’.   You must embrace and develop the use of the many Internet Marketing without Money strategies that are available.  Sticking your ‘head in the sand’ and saying “I don’t understand the internet” is not good enough.

Internet Marketing workshop Berkshire

You should have a call to action (CTA) on each page of your website.  This is an absolute must!  Your CTA should also be above the fold, in other words viewable by the reader without them having to scroll down the page.

Your CTA could be a:

  • free download
  • free consultation
  • sample
  • free e-book
  • telephone number to call
  • special offer

For other tips on internet marketing go to Internet Marketing Training.

LinkedIn training for small business

What Frank Furness International Speaker on Sales and Technology says about Steve’s LinkedIn Training.

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Marketing Training Berkshire

Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer, founder of The LinkedIn Academy and Marketing without Money Formula

I just wanted to send you a short email to let you know about some of the great profit boosting workshops, that we are running.  

So, if you want to create more leads for your business, take a look:

Creating leads from LinkedIn – 8 week Webinar Programme 
Learn how to use LinkedIn from the comfort of your office, over an 8 week period, 30mins per week. For further details go to LinkedIn Webinar 

Getting more sales on LinkedIn Workshops 

A half day workshop covering how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. For further details go toLinkedIn Training 

Website traffic Creation and Conversion
Getting traffic is the key to successful Internet Marketing, but Most small businesses do not understand Internet Marketing. This workshop is for those people. For further details go to Internet Marketing Training 

Highly effective Tele-Marketing Workshop 
Learn skills, strategies, techniques and attitude to create leads on the telephone. For further details go to Tele Marketing Training

Marketing without Money Workshop 
Have you ever wasted money on Marketing? Let’s face it we all have! Well in this workshop you will learn how to Market your business without risk and without spending any money. For further details go to Marketing without Money 

Converting leads into Sales Workshop 
Once you have created leads you need to be good at converting them. If you could get your conversion rate up from 40% to 60%, you have just grown your business by 50%. For further details regarding how to do this, go to Sales Training. 

Social Media Masterclass Workshop
A one day workshop with Frank Furness and Steve Mills. Frank has 3 million vews on his YouTube account, Steve is an expert in LinkedIn. Together, we will show you how to use Social Media to create an abundance of leads. For further details go to Social Media Masterclass 

If you want to book one of the above workshops, simply click on the orange link. 

If you have any questions, 
or you need help with creating and converting leads,call either myself, or one of my team on 0118 930 5700. 

Internet Marketing Berkshire


Want to get on the first page on Google?

I am going to show you how…

I would say that 95% of the businesses that I meet are massively under achieving on the Internet.  They don’t understand how to use it, they get minimal traffic to their website and they are no where on Google.  In truth they are missing out on a ‘pot of gold’.
On 9th October 2013 in Bracknell, Berkshire, I am going to show you how to do this and lots more.

Want proof?  Click this link to see my results.  Want to know more click this link.