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LinkedIn’s founder explains how Mark Zuckerberg transformed from an awkward kid to one of tech’s best CEOs

LinkedIn’s founder explains how Mark Zuckerberg transformed from an awkward kid to one of tech’s best CEOs

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LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman was an early investor in Facebook, and has seen founder Mark Zuckerberg grow from a kid looking for an investment and to a powerful peer in Silicon Valley. Hoffman joined Business Insider’s podcast, “Success! How I Did It,” and shared how Zuckerberg has evolved.

Reid Hoffman: One of the great delights in working with Mark through kind of the early days to now is that Mark has demonstrated literally the most spectacular learning and adaptation curve that I’ve ever seen in a young entrepreneur to now, an experienced and highly capable CEO. I am learning from a bunch of things that he does. And it started with being kind of quiet, because I think he was trying to figure things out, not particularly graceful in a meeting, to being a very smart executive who understands principles of management, and then continues to make bold bets that initially other people think are kind of crazy, like buying WhatsApp, or Oculus. Oculus, we’ll see we’re it plays out, but WhatsApp is clearly a massive bet that turns out to be super smart. A number of people – myself included – thought that the purchase of Instagram was sharp. But again, it was like “what, you spent a billion dollars for a company that has 13 people in it and no revenue?” That kind of thing is simply amazing. And I think the truth of the matter is, a combination of Zuckerberg has an amazing learning curve, and also has a true north, where he’s trying to say “how do I make the world more connected, in a way that enables people to understand each other better, to communicate better, to share experiences better?” Because if we do that, overall the world will be a better place.


The 10 Fastest-Growing Topics on LinkedIn

The 10 Fastest-Growing Topics on LinkedIn

From branchless banks to food-service companies

LinkedIn is slowly creeping up as a hot social platform known for more than just career-building.

It’s increasingly a place where marketers can connect with executives and publishers can reach new audiences. For example, in September, Bloomberg claimed it had doubled its LinkedIn followers this year alone to 1.5 million.

Next week, LinkedIn will publish its Content Insights Quarterly, a report that dissects the data it’s collected on its 106 million users between July and September to see what people have been talking about.

Per LinkedIn’s stats, the No.1 fastest-growing topic on the site was “change readiness,” which describes how ready companies are for all sorts of disruption within their industries and organizations.

“Technological change is a reality, and it seems to be occurring ever faster,” explained Jennifer Brett, Americas insights lead at LinkedIn.
Other hot topics vary widely, including geomodeling (3-D digital maps of Earth’s geography) and content about direct (or “branchless”) banks.

Here are the top 10 fastest-growing topics on LinkedIn. (The rest of its insights will be released next week in its full report.)

1. Change readiness
2. Geomodeling
3. Direct banking
4. Basin modeling
5. Trade station
6. Digital cable
7. Industry-analyst relations
8. Document outsourcing
9. Structured trade
10. Food-service distribution

15 Things You Need To Know About The New LinkedIn Interface

As they do every year or two, LinkedIn has made a major change to their interface and features. If you’ve read anything about it, you’ve probably learned that it has a familiar look and feel – familiar, that is, if you are a Facebook user. The layout definitely feels like Facebook  – making LinkedIn more and more the “workplace” version of Facebook.

As with most new roll-outs there are some enhancements, some losses, and some things that just don’t work as planned. And, as you might expect from previous LinkedIn releases, the rollout happened over time. You may have seen changes back at the beginning of the year or you may have just experienced the new format.

In this post, I share with you the changes that will have the biggest impact on your personal brand and career success, along with what you need to do to maximize these changes.

Before we launch into the details, the one big change that I think you will like is the consistent experience, whether you’re using the desktop or mobile version. This will make it much easier to be connected to LinkedIn and enjoy similar functionality regardless of what device you’re using.

What’s new?


The navigation has changed. There are seven primary areas in the navigation bar (top right):

1. Home (this is your feed)

2. My Network

3. Jobs

4. Messaging

5. Notifications

6. Me

7. Tools (this gives you access to Learning, Post a job, Advertise, Groups, ProFinder, Salary, Lookup, and Slideshare)

Profile changes

As you know if you’ve been reading any of my posts about LinkedIn, your LinkedIn profile is often your first impression for those who want to get to know you. That means it is important to understand the new profile features, revising your profile to deliver the most authentic and positive first impression possible.


Your headshot now shows up in a circle instead of the square, and it appears above your headline – not to the left. Therefore, choose a headshot where you are facing forward so that you can simulate “eye contact” with your audience. The circle provides less room, so it is even more important for you to use a tightly cropped close-up.


Only the first two lines of your summary now show up automatically. Viewers need to click on “see more” to read your entire summary. So those first two sentences are critical. You must use them to entice readers to view the long-play version.


The dimensions of the background image have changed. The new dimensions are 1584×396 pixels. Use this feature to help your profile stand out.


The websites section – which allows you to connect to three sites on the web to amplify your brand message – is no longer customizable. You used to be able to name the websites. Now you just see the actual clunky URL to the site. I have no idea why they would eliminate the option to customize.


When looking at someone’s profile, you used to see their top ten skills in order of how many endorsements you received for each category. Following that, you would see all the other skills for which they are endorsed. In the new version, you only see the top three. That means you need to make sure the top three skills are the most authentic and aspirational – so viewers understand the value you deliver. The good news is that LinkedIn did not remove the feature that allows you to reorder your endorsements. That means you can put the three most important skills in the top spots regardless of how many endorsements you received for them.


In the last round of changes, LinkedIn added a lot of features that allow you to truly customize your profile – making you stand out from your peers. With this update, it seems that the pendulum has swung back to standardization. You can no longer move your profile sections around to feature the most important content up top.


Measuring your brand value just got harder too. The ranking system that shows how you compare to others has been discontinued, with no way to look up historical data on how you used to rank. This was a great way to measure the impact of your brand-building activities and see how you rank in profile views among your peers. Hopefully, this feature will return in their next iteration. 

Networking Changes

Building Your Network

The new real-time messaging interface allows you to message a connection from virtually any screen when you are on LinkedIn. This makes it easier to keep the conversations going with your connections.

Sadly, advanced search is gone. There is just one universal search box where you can find people, jobs, companies, groups, and schools. You can refine your search by using filter options on the right-hand side, sorting people by:

• Connections (1st, 2nd or 3rd+)

• Locations

• Current companies

• Past companies

• Industries

• Profile language

• Nonprofit interests

• Schools

LinkedIn says they will be adding the option to search postings in a coming update.

The way you do searching for alumni is less straightforward now too. You need to start with a search on schools, and then choose a school. After that, you can search alumni.

Nurturing Your Network

A big loss is the tagging feature that allowed you to create tags and organize your contacts by assigning them one or more tags. The only ways to sort your connections now are by:

• First Name

• Last name

• Recently added

The relationship feature, which allowed you to take notes (only visible to you) about an individual right in their profile, is also gone.

There’s a new “highlights” feature I like (it replaced the “In Common” feature). It shows your common connections, groups, and places you have both worked.

Notifications are now more prominent. When you click on the bell icon in the top navigation, you go to a page devoted to all notifications, including mentions, profile views, likes, follows, and endorsements. It will only show you who shared your posts if they mention you in their share.

In LinkedIn’s press release about the update, they say the algorithm that identifies what shows up in your feed has been refined to get you more relevant content. I’m still testing this out.

Overall, the new LinkedIn interface has a nicer look and feel, but many of the features I had found extremely valuable are gone. Time will tell what LinkedIn members think about this new version and what enhancements LinkedIn makes to it. Let me know which new features you like most and which changes you find most disappointing in the comments section.

Free Webinars not to be missed!!

1.  An Introduction to Prudent Marketing

free marketing webinar for small business owners who want to improve the performance of their marketing time and money.

  1. How do you market your business more prudently?
  2. How do you reduce cost?
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  5. How to improve the return on investment from each marketing £ that you spend.

These are just some of the things that I will be covering in the 45min webinar.

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In this one hour free webinar, you will learn how to reduce the time you take to implement your Social Media Marketing, whilst increasing sales using The Prudent Marketers Social Media Tool.

You will also learn how to:

  1. Measure the results of your Social Media Marketing
  2. Access ideas and stories from Google
  3. Share videos on YouTube quickly and easily to your Social Media contacts
  4. Programme content into your Social Media in advance so that you can relax when you are not working in the knowledge that your social media is working for you 24/7.
  5. Use our bulk uploader to post out your Social Media messages multiple times
  6. Use the visual composer to easily create branded and high-quality images to make you stand out from your competition.

The webinar is free and is being on Wednesday 20th September 2017 at 10am and will last for approximately 1 hour.

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LinkedIn Webinar – How to use LinkedIn to win new business

LinkedIn Webinar – How to use LinkedIn to win new business


How to win Business on LinkedIn


So many people find it hard to take a day off work to attend a LinkedIn workshop and so we have broken our training down into six units and turned them into a six-week webinar programme.

Commencing – Wednesday 6th September to Wednesday 11th October 2017 – 12noon to 1 pm (for 6 weeks)

Venue – Online in web meeting format

Price – ONLY £60 + VAT Click here to book

How your business can use the world’s No1 Professional Social Media Website to create an abundance of leads for your business at no cost…

Most people are on LinkedIn, but for many, the fact is they don’t win much business from it because they don’t really know how to use LinkedIn to grow their business.  If this is you, or if you just want to improve the knowledge you have already got, then this practical LinkedIn Webinar is for you.  The Webinar will teach you what you need to know in order to win new business from LinkedIn.

What you will learn:  

Week 1 – Looking outstanding on LinkedIn – creating your first impression

Week 2 – How to grow a list of people who know you, like you and trust you on LinkedIn

Week 3 – The 3 steps to turn those followers into warm leads paying customers

Week 4 – Driving traffic to your website

Week 5 – Using the paid for services to market your business

Week 6 – Turning all this into sales


FREE Bonuses to the webinar everyone who attends gets:

  1. Lifetime membership of ‘The LinkedIn Academy’
  2. A copy of Steve Mills’ book LinkedIn 2.0 Made Easy (£10.00)
  3. A one to one follow-up call with Steve Mills.

Ticket price

The cost of the workshop is only £60.00 + VAT (only £10.00 per week) including all the above bonuses.

We can also provide In-house training for your team and our fees depend upon location and numbers attending.

To book call us on 01256 242 272, or click here

New LinkedIn Advertising Opportunity!

New LinkedIn Advertising Opportunity!

How would you like to be able to advertise on LinkedIn to the people who have visited your website, or to be able to upload your email list to LinkedIn and advertise to those people?

You can do so now on LinkedIn! This is a new form of advertising on LinkedIn and one that I think is really worth testing. This advertising allows you to advertise just to the people who are interested in you! i.e. the people who have been to your website. This works on a per click basis and so is the people who have already visited your website who not actually interested will not click and therefore you will not pay. However, you will be able to advertise to the people who are interested.

The first form of advertising allows you to advertise just to the people who are interested in you! i.e. the people who have been to your website. This works on a per click basis and as this is targeted at the people who have already visited your website it is highly targeted.  However, some people will not be interested will not click and therefore you will not pay. However, you will be able to advertise to the people who are interested and you pay only when they return to your website.

Not only that, but you will be able to advertise to a specific email list. In other words, you can take your email list and upload it into LinkedIn and then advertise to the people in your list.

In my opinion, this could be one of the biggest changes in marketing on LinkedIn for many years and dependent on your industry could be one of the biggest opportunities that you’ve got right now in your marketing. When I started work in the marketing industry over 28 years ago I could only dream of being able to target businesses so specifically.

P.s. Don’t forget our Website Lead Tool. Click here for more info! 

22 Top Tips to Effectively Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

22 Top Tips to Effectively Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn


Everything you need to know to make yourself look amazing, wow future connections, and grow your influence on LinkedIn.

A killer LinkedIn profile is mandatory if you want to grow your personal brand and company.

Even though you’re busy, LinkedIn is one place you can’t forget. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

Here are 22 top tips to effectively boost your LinkedIn profile.

1. Must Do: Keep Your Profile Basics Updated!

Many people forget to keep their LinkedIn profiles updated. Whether you’re a total newbie, just starting a new job, or starting to explore new opportunities, there’s no excuse to have outdated information on LinkedIn. It will reflect badly on you.

Here are two quick and easy areas you must check are up to date:

  • Professional Headline: The job of any headline is to entice people to click. At minimum, you can use your headline to highlight your current position and company (e.g., “Director of Inbound Marketing at ABCXYZ Corporation”), but you can and should go further. Highlight your expertise (e.g., “Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter”) or awards, or showcase skills you want to turn up in searches (e.g., “Speaker, Trainer, Author, Consultant, Evangelist”). Tell everyone on LinkedIn who you are, what you do, and why you’re someone they need to connect with.
  • Location and Industry: Are your location and industry still accurate? If not, fix them now!

Doing these two simple things will help more people find you and help you find more relevant potential contacts.

2. Only Use Professional Photos

LinkedIn profiles that have a picture are 11 times more likely to be viewed. So if you’re still showing a silhouette, it’s time to make a change and reveal yourself.

However, some friendly advice:

Your LinkedIn photo shouldn’t be from 20 years ago. It shouldn’t look like it belongs on a dating site, stock photo site, or social network (e.g., Facebook or Instagram). And don’t feature your pet or significant other. Just. No.

LinkedIn is for professionals. Be one.

3. Brand Your Profile With a Background Photo

Does your LinkedIn profile look boring and average?

Give your profile page a bit more personality, or branding, with a visually appealing background image.

LinkedIn advises users to use an image (PNG, JPG, or GIF) with a resolution of 1400×425.

4. Write a Ridiculously Good Summary

This is where you really sell yourself to potential connections. Your summary should expand on what appears in your headline, highlighting your specialties, career experience, noteworthy accolades, and thought leadership.

There has been much discussion about whether it’s best to write in first-person versus third-person narrative here. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter either way–just stay consistent with whichever you choose. Don’t go back and forth between first person and third person as it’s confusing and signals a lack of attention to detail.

In summary of LinkedIn summaries: keep your ego in check, focus on the most relevant details about your career, avoid meaningless jargon, and ensure it’s easy to read.

5. Terminate Those Typos

Poor grammar, typos, and misspellings are a no-no.

Avoid typos at all costs.

6. Use Keywords With Intent

Words are so incredibly important, especially when search is a big part of the equation. Using the right keywords in your profile is the difference between being found and being invisible.

Identify the words you want to be found for when people use LinkedIn search and use those keywords in your headline, summary, and profile. Using the right keywords will expose you to more potential connections and opportunities.

7.  Neat Trick: Pick the “Other” Website Option

Under your Contact Info, LinkedIn gives you the option to link to a website or blog. But by default, the text that shows in your profile is the extremely dull “Blog” or “Website.” Anyone visiting your profile has no clue where they’ll end up if they click on that.

Want to use your actual brand or business name? You can! Here’s a simple little trick.

When editing the Websites area of your profile, select the “Other” option. Now you can add your own website title and URL.

8. Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

When you created your LinkedIn profile, it had some ugly combination of letters, numbers, and backslashes that had no value for your personal branding. You don’t still have this, right?

If you do, it’s time to customize your public profile URL. For example, my customized URL is LinkedIn makes it simple to keep your profile consistent with your other social profiles.

9. Own Your Media

Visual content is only growing in importance.

Help your LinkedIn profile pop by adding documents, photos, videos, and presentations.

10. Add Shiny New Sections to Your Profile

LinkedIn lets you add several sections to give your profile more visual appeal and depth. You can add sections for posts, volunteering, languages, honors and awards, patents, causes you care about, and many more.

All of these sections open you up to more opportunities to make new connections.

11. Tidy Up Your Endorsements

People are going to endorse you for all sorts of skills–sometimes even skills you don’t actually have. But just because you’ve been endorsed for Fire Eating, Chewing Gum, or Showers (yes, these are all real “areas of expertise,” according to LinkedIn) doesn’t mean you have to show other LinkedIn users–unless, of course, fire eating plays a critical role in your professional life.

LinkedIn lets you remove any irrelevant skills and endorsements. You should avoid “lying” about your skill set, even if it is by omission.

12. Connect With People You Don’t Yet Know

One of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn is failing to reach out to connect with people you want to know but don’t yet. That’s the whole point of networking–getting to know new people, not just established connections.

Building out your LinkedIn network has many benefits. You get in front of influencers. You get more endorsements. More people see your best content, share that content, and visit your website. And it’s great for personal branding.

Have you considered using LinkedIn more like Twitter? You should!

13. Personalize Invitations to Connect

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

The default message LinkedIn provides is so dreadfully boring and impersonal.

When you invite someone to connect, make it more personal–mention where you met or a topic you discussed in a LinkedIn group, over email, or during a phone interview. This personal touch will increase the odds they’ll accept your request.

14. Publish Amazing Posts

LinkedIn posts offer another way to grow your influence, gain more visibility, and acquire new followers.

Your existing connections are notified whenever you publish. New people can discover your posts via search.

Always think about the audience you want to reach. Highlight your expertise and interests by posting awesome content. Just make sure your posts are appropriate for the 400 million business professionals who use LinkedIn.

15. Find and Join Groups

One way to start connecting with people you want to know is to join LinkedIn groups. Whether it’s a group run by a major publication, a group for people with certain job titles, or a group dedicated to a niche topic, there are millions of groups to choose from, so start searching to find groups that are right for you and join them.

Join discussions. Start interesting discussions. Don’t sell your product or service or promote yourself–sell your expertise! That will help build your personal brand.

16. Find People Through Search and Advanced Search

LinkedIn search is your gateway to future connections. Search for people by name, company, or skills.

But you can go much deeper.

LinkedIn’s advanced search helps you find people by job title, school, relationship, location, industry, current/past company, profile language, and nonprofit interests–with additional search options for Premium members.

17. Stalk Users Openly or Stealthily

Whenever you view someone’s profile, LinkedIn will share your name and headline. LinkedIn recommends this.

But sometimes you might want to be a bit stealthier before connecting. If this is the case, you’ll need to manage your privacy under Accounts & Settings.

LinkedIn offers a couple of less revealing options. You can reveal only that “Someone at ABCXYZ Corporation” or “Someone in the Online Media Industry” viewed the profile. But if that isn’t enough, then you can go totally private and users will be told only that a LinkedIn user viewed their profile.

18. Remember Where and When You Met What’s-His-Name

Once you’ve grown your network to thousands, it can be a bit daunting to remember every single person, or to stay in touch with a few important connections.

Luckily, LinkedIn makes this easy. In the Relationship section, in addition to telling you the date when you connected, LinkedIn allows you to write notes about your contact, including how you met, or set reminders to “check in” at intervals from a day to every year.

Don’t worry, these notes and reminders are only visible to you!

19. Build Extraordinary Business Relationships

When someone accepts your request to connect, don’t start pitching your service or product. This is a relationship killer.

Start slow. Comment on, share, or Like their posts.

LinkedIn even makes it super simple to stay in touch, telling you when contacts are celebrating work anniversaries or starting new jobs. Again, these are opportunities to Like or comment.

Build the relationship and trust before you start asking for favors!

20. Use (but Don’t Abuse) Status Updates

LinkedIn status updates are your chance to highlight some of your recent work, share an article or book you’ve read, promote your presence at a conference or event, or offer inspiration through a quote or saying.

Because LinkedIn is a business network, it’s best to use it during business hours. Keep active, but don’t go overboard.

Try to post an update at least once a day at minimum; aim for a maximum of three or four updates per day, as long as you’re sharing useful, relevant content. Every update is another opportunity to strengthen or forge a connection.

21. Be Positive

What you say reflects on you. Never post negative comments about someone’s post or a past employer.

Instead, pause and think if there’s a way you can rethink and rewrite in a constructive way–if you can’t, just hit the delete button and go do something else to shift focus.

22. Ask for Recommendations

So you haven’t received as many LinkedIn recommendations as you’d like? After all, it takes a bit of time and thought for someone to write a recommendation.

What can you do? Ask for them! LinkedIn makes is super easy, providing an “Ask to be recommended” link, where you can specify what you want to be recommended for, who you want to recommend you, and write a personal message.

Pick specific people. Don’t just randomly ask all your contacts if they can recommend you. Be selective.

Share details in your message to your connection. If there are specific skills you want your contacts to highlight in his or her recommendation, don’t be shy, tell them.

Another way to increase the likelihood that you’ll get a great recommendation: Give a great recommendation to someone you’ve worked with. This increases the odds that your contact will feel obligated to return the favor.

Bonus Tip: Export Your LinkedIn Connections

One last helpful tip: Remember to occasionally download your connections. After you’ve gone to all the trouble of building an amazing network, you don’t want to risk losing their contact info!

To do this, click on Connections, then Settings (the gear icon), and on the next page, under Advanced Settings, you’ll see a link to export your LinkedIn connections as a .CSV file.

Now you have a file containing your contacts’ first and last names, email addresses, job titles, and companies.


Now you know everything you need to do to refresh your LinkedIn profile. Make yourself look amazing, wow future connections, and grow your influence. It all starts with a killer profile.

What are you waiting for? Get updating now!

The ‘LinkedIn Grader’

LinkedIn Grader

The ‘LinkedIn Grader’ enables people and businesses to grade themselves as to how complete and effective their LinkedIn Marketing currently is.  The Grader is a simple series of questions which enable people to measure and assess on a scale of 1 to 100 how they are currently doing.

The problem with most software and Social Media websites is ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and this is certainly the case with most people on LinkedIn. Most (99%) people on LinkedIn don’t fully utilise the true potential of the site.

This being the case we decided to set up a simple form to allow you to assess yourself.

All you have to do is to simply answer the questions below and you will instantly have access to your very own LinkedIn Assessment Rating.

Try to be has honest as you can with your answers, as only you will see them (we don’t have access to your assessment). When you finish your questions, you will instantly be rated on a score of 1 to 100 (as a percentage).

Try the LinkedIn Grader! 

Social Media Training Hampshire

Social Media Training Hampshire

Here are our next Social Media Training Events!

1. LinkedIn Training Workshop – Wednesday 5th July 2017 – 9am to 1pm


Click here for more info! 

2. Youtube Training Workshop – Thursday 20th July 2017 – 9.30am to 4.30pm

The second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube and it had just hit one trillion viewings, so you need to know how to use it effectively to grow your business.

Click here for more info!

3. Business Growth Seminar – Raising money for the Manchester victims. Wednesday 28th June – 9.00am till 12.00pm

Is 2017 the time for you to change?  Winning business on-line is essential in 2017 and beyond.  I would like to invite you to learn how to do just that, with me Steve Mills.  I am the founder of ‘The Prudent Marketing Academy’, ‘The LinkedIn Academy’ and the author of four marketing books.

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How to Win New Business Leads on LinkedIn

How to Win New Business Leads on LinkedIn




Wednesday 5th July 2017 – 9am to 1pm


Venue – Our offices at The Barn, Cranes Farmhouse, Cranes Road, Sherbourne St John, Hampshire, RG24 9LJ – ONLY £69 + VAT


How your business can use the world’s No1 Professional Social Media Website to create an abundance of leads for your business at no cost…

Most people are on LinkedIn, but for many, the fact is they don’t win much business from it because they don’t really know how to use LinkedIn to grow their business.  If this is you, or if you just want to improve the knowledge you have already got, then this practical half day LinkedIn Workshop is for you.  The workshop will teach you what you need to know in order to win new business from LinkedIn.


What you will learn:  


  1. The 3 steps to turn those followers into paying customers
  2. The 4 things needed for a successful LinkedIn strategy
  3. How you can stand out from your competitors
  4. Why businesses fail with LinkedIn – and how to avoid these mistakes
  5. How to use LinkedIn For less than 30 mins per day – and create an on-going stream of leads
  6. How to deliver a tangible and reliable ROI
  7. Growing your database on LinkedIn through effective list building
  8. Using the power of LinkedIn to get onto the first page on Google
  9. Using groups to grow your business and to contact 100,000?s of targeted business people
  10. Using LinkedIn PPC advertising to drive highly targeted traffic to your website
  11. Communicating your message and getting people to pick up the phone, or visit your website through effective posts
  12. Getting recommended by lots of people.


LinkedIn marketing trainingFREE Bonuses to the workshop everyone who attends gets:

  1. A months membership of the Steve Mills ‘Raise your Game’ Programme (£17.50)
  2. Lifetime membership of ‘The LinkedIn Academy’ (Priceless)
  3. A copy of the workbook LinkedIn 2.0 Made Easy 2.0 (£15.00)
  4. A one to one follow up call with Steve Mills.

Ticket price

The cost of the workshop is only £69.00 + VAT including all the above bonuses.

We can also provide In-house training for your team and our fees depend upon location and numbers attending.

To book call us on 01256 345 556, or click here



“have had the pleasure of working with Steve at The Prudent Marketer and have been enormously impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. His considerable skills have allowed my business to take full advantage of the most up to date marketing techniques and in a short time he has completely and positively altered my perception of how to best communicate with my existing Clients and target market. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve Mills to those wanting to significantly move their businesses forward”.

Neil Hagerty – BPMS Limited

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  It was packed full of relevant, up-to-date content, covering a variety of marketing techniques that all delegates on the course could use and optimise within their organisations.  The workshop was well-structured with Steve continuously asking for our opinion, sparking countless discussions. I found it very engaging and interactive.  The environment was very relaxed,  and I felt comfortable asking questions (however silly they were)! Finally, Steve provided great resources to take away from the session.  I am looking forward to the next one!

Maisie Cole – K3 Consultancy and Training Services

Went on a fantastic course yesterday with Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketing Company. Many thanks for a concise, yet truly valuable morning – highly recommended.

“I attended a marketing seminar given by Steve Mills The Prudent Marketer yesterday and I thoroughly recommend you check out what he has to offer.  It’s a must if you’re a SME.  I found Steve’s seminar a real eye-opener. Well done and thank you Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketing Company .

Wilf Luck MFc Matrix Management Systems 

I have this morning read the Marketing Audit you produced for us in detail.  Outstanding work Steve.  You have done wonderful work in outlining the significant opportunities we have.

We have got in better shape structurally with Dan taking responsibility for New Biz inc Tele sales.

Thanks again Steve.

Brian Dunne -Managing Director – SVM Europe

I have been putting into practice what I learnt from your internet day and have found I have got the House on to Page 1 on Google under a certain number of search terms which as you can imagine made my day.
I must just say it was a brilliant day and I got a lot out of it and found it fascinating.  I am going to register for your newsletter and you never know one day Langar Hall Hotel may call for another Prudent Marketeer day for Charlotte and I to attend.
Robert Brackenbury – Home PierPoint Wedding Venue