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LinkedIn Changes That You Need To Know About This Year

What Changes Has LinkedIn Made For Users?

 LinkedIn is currently the world’s biggest professional networking platform, so it’s not a major surprise that to keep things running smoothly, the company has made a few adjustments to improve its user experience. The redesign of the site comes after the upgrade of its app. The desktop tweaks are focused on making the crossover between the two platforms more similar in the hope that users will spend more time each day on the site – only 25% of the platform’s 450 million users used it monthly.

The new interface (UI) boasts an updated color scheme, a shift from black to a dark teal. The menu bar at the top of the page is slightly thinner, mirroring the mobile app. Listed below are all changes you can expect to see; any features and areas not mentioned remain as they were before the recent upgrade.

Aside from the ads on the right-hand side of the page, all the usual features are on the main page with the option to share an update, photo or article at the top of the page. What might confuse a few people, particularly any newcomers, is the “publish” option is just below that, which gives you direct access to the publishing feature.

The profile rank feature seems to have disappeared since the update; perhaps it will return in time. In the meantime, be selective and test out your results. Your profile views and headline are shown directly under your photo. The timeline is the only new feature added to the homepage and looks similar to a Facebook feed with a count of how many people have read your latest post.

Your Profile

The bedrock of LinkedIn is now accessible via the “Me” icon in the menu bar and is depicted by a tiny snapshot of your profile picture. Your photo is now circular so you might have to try a few different sizes to get a good fit. It appears that most people are doing best with dimensions in the 1800-by-300 pixel range, rather than the 1536-by-738 size LinkedIn suggests uploading.

To see more than just your summary, people now have to click the “more” button, so it’s crucial you make those first two lines count. The only real downside about the new profile section is that you can no longer reorder the different parts of your profile.

Other People’s Profiles

All the contact info for others’ profiles is now displayed on the far right-hand side along with website URLs. The options for sharing, removing, blocking, reporting, unfollowing and sending a request are all visible on the top right if you press the three little dots next to the centered profile picture.

The old “in common” feature is now called “highlights,” making it easily accessible, while just below that you see others’ posts.

My Network

When you used to click on “My Network” you were met with “Connections,” “Add Contacts,” “Alumni” and “People You May Know.” The new version takes you straight to your invitations and people you may know instead; click “see all” for the rest of your connections and keep in mind that the announcements feature has moved to your notification area. We’ve lost the “Alumni” search option, but you can get around this by searching for the school in the search bar.


The notifications feature is new and improved, now with its own separate page; reach it by going to the top menu and clicking on the bell icon (this was previously a flag icon). This layout makes it easier to track engagement and respond, you’ll still receive all the notifications you did previously.

These changes to the platform are more cosmetic than technical and only time will tell if they enhance the site long term. For newcomers and those who don’t use the advanced features, the changes are certainly worth it. For more experienced users, it doesn’t offer much in terms of newness yet. However, it’s still early days for potentially larger changes, as Microsoft only acquired LinkedIn in December.

Marketing Analysis

LinkedIn Marketing Workshop

I would like to introduce you to Smart Numbers, also known as Virtual numbers.

Smart numbers provide a great cost effective solution for monitoring the success of marketing campaigns such as press advertising, online marketing and of course your website and social media pages.

With a free call recording facility they also provide a great staff training tool to ensure calls are being handled in the correct manner.

Key features:

  • Each number is billed at £1+vat per month (rolling 30 day contract)
  • You can have as many 0333, local area codes, 0800 numbers as you would like, pointed to any landline or mobile number
  • They can provide a list of numbers for you to pick from.
  • Great for marketing and staff training as comes with free call recording, you can listen back to all calls over a 30 day period and download any that you wish to save.
  • With your own secure login you can monitor the number of calls received on each one, proof as to whether a campaign is working and generating calls.
  • As the number is diverted to your landline or mobile, calls are charged at less than a penny for Local and National (£0.0070ppp) and less than 4p to mobiles (£0.0395ppm).
  • You can login and re-programme the numbers to point to a different destination at a click of a button which is instance.

If you would like to know more you can either talk to me or please do feel free to contact Sue Morant directly at Maincoms – / 0333 358 3000 /


Using Photos as a Social Media Tool


Using Photos as a Social Media Tool for Your Business

Effective marketing using a social media tool for your business is not always as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of other techniques that you can use and they can be found all over the internet. A simple search will give you information written by countless experts on the different ways to effectively market anything and everything.

One social media tool for your Berkshire business is marketing through photos. If you haven’t tried this yet for your business, know that you are missing out a lot.

The popularity of photos as a social media tool for business

If you look around you today, you will see not just a single camera phone. There should be at least 5 – 10 camera phone users around you when you’re on a busy street. Also, cameras on phones are being upgraded every time a new model comes out.

When you visit the internet, photos are also rampant. From the famous ‘selfies’ to photos of animals and even insects, you will see people posting all kinds of photos online. This is why social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are gaining more users every day.

Are photos effective as a social media tool for business?

As a business, you will also need to leverage on the popularity of photos. No doubt, you are familiar with the adage, ‘To see is to believe.’ Today, this is much easier due to the wide availability of cameras.

When businesses use photos to market their products and services, it will help customers see what’s being offered.

Taking photos is not a difficult task. Even when you are simply using your phone’s camera, you can easily point and shoot and you have a photo you can publish on your business’ social media page.

Of course, just make sure that photos of your products or services are clean and professional looking. If needed, you can hire a professional photographer to take photos and edit them. On the other hand, if you are just posting photos on your social media page as quick updates, then there’s probably no need for the photo to be perfect.

You can even let your customers or social media followers experience your office, even if it’s just in photos. In the first place, they probably started following you to gain more information about your business and the people behind the business. Therefore, you can probably take pictures of your office and your employees at work or at play. This will let your customers see that there are real people behind the business. In this way, it won’t look as if you are hard selling to them at all times.

If you are looking for more marketing strategies, or you want to talk to experts about business and marketing, you can consult with the Prudent Marketer team. The team has extensive knowledge and experience in social media tools for your business and other marketing techniques you can use as well.

LinkedIn Training Testimonial

I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable LinkedIn training course. I’ve been on lots of training course before which were slightly boring. You made fun and have lots of energy. Thanks again look forward to seeing soon.

Kind regards
Mike Abrams for Cimbali Uk

Steve Mills founder of The LinkedIn Academy interviewed on TV programme – Business Connections Live


Steve Mills being Interviewed live on a TV programme called Business Connections Live.


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LinkedIn Training | Use the LinkedIn Ecosystem to Your Benefit, says Steve Mills, the Prudent Marketer

Steve Mills - linkedIn Training


Steve Mills, the Prudent Marketer, an expert in all things marketing and LinkedIn, has spoken out to professionals and business owners in order to encourage them to properly utilise LinkedIn and all of its various different arms of promotion. The LinkedIn ‘ecosystem’, as it is sometimes known, has become an ever-evolving form of marketing that unites a number of different ways of reaching out to people and generating leads.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it is not a static document; though some people use it as a substitute for a traditional CV or resume, there are a multitude of other ways in which businesses can use LinkedIn to generate leads and boost their own profile in the online sphere. The various different methods are interconnected and interdependent, much like a natural ecosystem, and Steve Mills, who regularly holds LinkedIn seminars and workshops for business owners, is urging businesses to get to know each different branch of the site in order to fully utilise its many advantages.

Steve Mills says, “LinkedIn has grown from being something of a static document to one of the most important tools that a marketer has at their disposal. The interconnecting branches of the site, including the content, the profile, the relationships and their business, must all combine in order to boost the online presence of a brand and generate more leads and custom for their company. In many of my workshops and LinkedIn ‘boot camps’ I teach business owners and marketers about every aspect of the site, from the very basics to the more complex actions and algorithms, and I would encourage everyone who wants to market their business online to consider learning more about this most useful and practical of social networks.”

Each element of LinkedIn leads on to the next in a cycle of promotion. The Profile is the starting point; this is a personal space which is similar to an ‘About Me’ section on a conventional CV. The profile highlights the personality behind an online persona, as well as containing detailed accounts of someone’s qualifications and career experience. The profile then leads to the Connections, which allow you to add colleagues, friends and clients to your network. Connections allow people to view your profile, and allow you to view theirs.

These connections can then be sorted into Groups, which are communities of users who share common interests, whether this is in terms of geography, work history, the industry they work in or a common hobby they share. Groups help to identify new Connections and identify new leads. With more Connections and leads come the possibility of Recommendations and Endorsements, which serve as powerful motivators for potential clients and even more new Connections to add to a network. Recommendations carry slightly more weight, but any form of positive response from a client or an acquaintance will go a long way to increasing a brand’s presence on the ecosystem of LinkedIn.

For more information about Steve Mills, the Prudent Marketer, and to discover some of his personal marketing tips, visit

About Steve Mills

Steve Mills helps clients to create more leads. Over the past 17 years, Steve has built a reputation for helping businesses to market themselves using his ‘Marketing without Money Formula’. Never one to take unnecessary risks for himself or his client, Steve is now known as The Prudent Marketer.

Steve established his reputation by training thousands of business people in how to market themselves without a budget. He has spoken to audiences all over the world and authored three highly successful marketing books as well as writing articles for many leading business magazines. He is the founder of The LinkedIn Training Academy which provides training, coaching and mentoring, through video, audio, workshops and webinars.

Testimonial for our LinkedIn Training

Hi Steve,

I would like to take this opportunity to express to anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of LinkedIn, to spend a day with Steve Mills.  I have to be honest and say that I was sceptical at first and thought it was just another money making offer.

But having paid my money and attended the one day training course, I was impressed and I came away feeling content that my money had not been wasted and that I felt empowered to use LinkedIn as part of my future marketing avenues.

Well done Steve. I can easily recommend both Steve and his training. Do the course and get on top of LinkedIn.

Kind regards

Paul Peasley

Owner of Apex Plumbing Services and AD-vent marketing keys.

Marketing Training UK | The Prudent Method

Steve Mills - linkedIn Training

Why do small businesses need Prudent Marketing in 2013?

There are currently three million business owners in the UK and most of them are confused and and frustrated with Marketing in general and Internet Marketing in particular.

Let’s face it – marketing can be a waste of money!  In fact, I would go so as far as to say that more money is wasted on marketing, than in any other part of most small businesses.

You only need to have a look at most websites.  A typical website for a small business might cost £1,000 to £4,000 and if yet most produce little, or no new leads, or sales!

One of the myths about Internet Marketing is “having a better looking website, will create more leads” and it simply is not true.  There are two key factors to Internet Marketing success and they are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversion

The average conversion rate on the internet is 1% and that means that 99% of the people that come to the websites of small business owners, leave without making a sale.

So, why do you need to be more prudent with your marketing?  Whilst the answer may be obvious, it really comes down to three things:

  1. Reducing the money and time that is wasted on marketing
  2. Improving the performance of each and every element of your current marketing
  3. Building new marketing and income streams on to your business

Where do you start?

The first things to understand are your marketing numbers.  These include numbers like the number of people that visit your website, or the number of networking events you need to attend to get a lead.

Once you know where you are, step two is to start thinking about improving your numbers.  How can you win more business from referral?  How can you create an on-going stream of leads from LinkedIn?  How can you improve your lead conversion rate?

Step three is to start to build new streams of income in a tested, measured and consistent manor.

What are my top tips for Prudent Marketing?

  1. Measure your sales and marketing
  2. Never be satisfied with the results you are getting
  3. Learn and embrace the new technology
  4. Use marketing without money strategies before you throw a load of money at marketing
  5. Take marketing seriously.  Marketing is the key to your success.  Consider yourself as a marketing company and as such, you need to be better at sales and marketing than your competitors.

If you want to know more about Prudent Marketing go to and down load my free e-book called ‘The 10 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make’.

LinkedIn Training Berkshire | Great result

One of the delegates on my recent workshop won £2,000 worth of business on LinkedIn before he left the workshop.

What did he do?  Simple!  He got back in touch with someone that he had lost contact with.  He timed it just right as the lady he contacted was in need of his serves.

Wow!!!!  What a great return on investment from £197.

Marketing Training Dubai

Today I am running my LinkedIn Webinar and YouTube webinars from Dubai.  Wow, the world has changed.  When I started my business back in 1995 I would never have believed you if you had told me that I would be training people all over the world, from my hotel room in Dubai.

Where will we be in another 18 years?