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I was born in Sheffield and for some reason when I suggested to my wife that we spend a week on holiday in Sheffield, she was less than enthusiastic.  You may think that you don’t blame her, but why?

Why is it that most people would feel the same way?  It is due to perception!

In other words to a perception of what holidaying in Sheffield would be like.  In actual fact, the reality was very different to the perception and we had a wonderful time both in the city and driving to the nearby Peak District.

And this often happens in business.  The perception about a business, is often different from the reality.  I know of a legal firm who are outstanding at what they do, but if you went to their website, the perception of them would be that they are a firm with poor standards and low standards.

I know other companies where the opposite is true.  So the questions is – When someone looks at your LinkedIn Profile, what it the perception they get?

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