The Secrets of YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Webinar Training


Video is fast becoming a key part of successful business marketing campaigns.  Cisco recently stated that by 2014, video will account for over 90% of Internet traffic.  This being the case, it is essential that small businesses use this medium on their websites, blogs and social media.

The second biggest search engine in the world is YouTube and so you need to know how to use it effectively to grow your business.

Why Video?

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There are many reasons for using video to market your business, the main reasons include:

1. You can be far more persuasive and enthusiastic  on video.

2. You can demonstrate a product, or service on video.

3. People buy from people that they know, like and trust.  Video is a great meduim for starting this process.

4. Most people would rather watch a film, than read a book.

5. You can show people around your office, shop, hotel, golf club, etc.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.  It is also owned by Google and so if you know how to market yourself on YouTube, you can get great results not only on YouTube, but also on Google.

You can also take advantage of advertising opportunities either as an advertiser, or as someone who gets income each time someone watches one of your videos.

Marketing yourself on YouTube

To marketing yourself effectively on YouTube, it is essential to know what to do.  During this half day workshop, you will learn all the tactics you need to effectively market yourself on YouTube.


What you will learn:


Week 1 – Market research and how to produce a video on YouTube.

Week 2 – Using Camtasia and video production.

Week 3 – Uploading your videos to YouTube and the equipment that you need.

Week 4 – Marketing your videos on YouTube and piggyback on successful videos.

Week 5 – Adding your YouTube videos to your website and blog, and adding your videos to your other Social Media sites.

Week 6-7 – Marketing your YouTube site.

Week 8 – Review and action planning.


What will you achieve:

By the end of this half-day workshop, you will have set up your YouTube video channel and you will have uploaded your first video.  You will know how to market your channel and how to get your videos to the first page of Google.

Webinar details

Dates – The webinar will be run over an 8-week period, new dates to be announced soon.  Delegates receive a free video of each week of the webinar, so if you miss any weeks, or you forget anything, you get to watch it as many times as you like!

Time: 5.30pm to 6.00pm GMT

Sign up to the webinar here.