LinkedIn Webinar Training

How to use LinkedIn to create leads - an 8-week Webinar Programme

Hopefully, you are already convinced that LinkedIn should be a key part of your marketing (if not, go to Free LinkedIn Training and watch the video).

So the question becomes – how can I use LinkedIn effectively to grow my business?

A more important question for many is – How can I find the time to be trained on how to use LinkedIn properly?  Time is such an important resource and travelling to and from a seminar is often not the best option.

This being the case, I am just about to launch an eight-week LinkedIn Webinar-based training programme.  Now, I don’t know about you, but the thought of spending hours on the phone on a webinar fill me with dread and so I limit each session to only 30mins (4 hours in total).

This time, I am not only going to teach you, but also show you what you need to do to market your business on LinkedIn.  The programme covers:

Week 1

  1. Your LinkedIn Marketing Plan.
  2. Setting up an effective personal profile.

Week 2

  1. Setting up an effective company profile and uploading your products and services.
  2. Building your LinkedIn database.

Week 3

  1. Keeping in touch with your target market and driving traffic to your website.
  2. Using groups to grow your business.

Week 4

  1. Using LinkedIn for search engine optimisation.

Week 5

  1. Getting recommended.
  2. The paid for services.

Week 6

  1. Email marketing.
  2. Recruitment.

Week 7

  1. Linking your LinkedIn marketing with other Social Media.
  2. Your Social Media Policy.

Week 8

  1. Putting your LinkedIn Marketing plan together.
  2. Q&A
  3. Summary

The whole programme costs £99.00.  That is just £12.37 per week.  If you think about this in terms of return on investment (ROI), signing up is a no-brainer.  I have clients who have made £135,000, £55,000, £28,650 and one who made £58,000 from one meeting that they got from LinkedIn.

Having said that, using LinkedIn to grow your business is about taking action and this is why this webinar format is so good because you get trained every week and in between times you take the required actions.


In order to get you signed up, I also want to offer you several bonuses:

Bonus 1 - I will give you a month’s membership of my Raise your Game Programme (a monthly Business Development CD programme)

Bonus 2 - I will send you a copy of my e-book ‘A Sales Force of Thousands’ (a book about referral marketing)

The LinkedIn Webinar programme details for 2015

Day - Thursday

Time - 4.30pm to 5.00pm

Dates -  22nd Oct, 29th Oct, 5th Nov, 12th Nov, 19th Nov, 26th Nov, 3rd Dec and 10th Dec 2015

Investment - £99.00 + VAT

Value - Immense
LinkedIn Webinar

Changing lives

For every person who books onto one of our workshops, we educate a child for a month in Cambodia.  The training is in basic language, maths, health and child protection.


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