LinkedIn Training for small business | Your first impression

Setting up your company and personal profiles is of course essential on LinkedIn.  This is because this is often someone’s first impression of you and your business.

This is fairly simple and quick to do.  The first thing to do is to upload a good quality, ideally professionally produced head and shoulders photograph of you and in the case of your Company Profile, then a good quality logo, or picture.  

Next is to decide upon your title.  By this I mean your key search word and not your job title and this is where over 90% of people start to go wrong.  They add a title like ‘Managing Director’, or Business Development Manager’, or other job role.  The purpose of your title is to get yourself found on LinkedIn.  If you check out my title I use ‘Marketing Advice’ and not ‘Managing Director’ which is my actual job title.  The reason for this is that I want to get found on LinkedIn under the search term Marketing Advice and not Managing Director.  The reason for this is obvious.  People every day search for Marketing Advice on LinkedIn.  Rarely do they search under Managing Director if they are looking for Marketing Advice.

By the way check mine out.  I am in the top three out of thousands of people who have the words Marketing Advice in their profile.

The next thing to do is to set up your websites.  I say sites because LinkedIn allows you to set up three sites and even if you don’t have three sites, I will bet you have three pages.  So simply link the pages you have to the three available slots on the profile page, then use the key word tool to ensure that you are fully optimised.

The next action to take is to set up your link to Twitter.  I don’t have one I hear you say!  Then get one!  Link your LinkedIn profile to it, then every time that you add something to your posts on LinkedIn it automatically gets linked to Twitter without you doing a thing.  So you get a two for one deal and you also get thousands of people following you on Twitter, without you doing a thing!

Then follow the advice LinkedIn provides you with on the top right-hand side regarding setting up the rest of your basic profile.

For details of the other 26 strategies we teach for business growth on LinkedIn go to LinkedIn Training for small business.

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