LinkedIn Training for small business

As a member of the Academy, I would like to wish you every success in 2013. 

I also wanted to remind you of the power of LinkedIn. If you have not yet attended one of my workshops, then now is the time to do it!!!! Not because I want to sell you something, but because I know how much you are missing out on! 

This year I am running half day foundation workshops and half day advanced workshops. You can of course attend both in one day for a discounted price! 

The first one is on 29th January. Here is a link – Click here 

For those living too far away, I also have an 8 week webinar starting on 10th January. 

Each weekly webinar lasts for 30mins and covers several strategies and each webinar is recorded, so you never miss a thing!

So if you want to know how I made £250,000 in new business from LinkedIn, then 
click here

LinkedIn is 171,000,000 people connected worldwide, with over 11,400,000 in the UK. 

LinkedIn is the worlds No.1 Social Media website for business and is a great opportunity for any small business to market itself without cost. 

To book and for further info go to LinkedIn Workshop.

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