LinkedIn Training Berkshire

  • On LinkedIn most business is usually done through users personal profiles, however, having a company profile is important as it makes you look professional and also shows others what you offer – you are essentially spreading your brand in more ways than one.
  • LinkedIn will usually require a company based email address to set up a company page.
  • Make sure you upload your company logo and describe what it is that your company does in two to three paragraphs. If you do not complete these steps your profile will look incomplete and more importantly, anyone who visits this page will be rather unimpressed.
  • Fill out your company’s specialties – this helps with SEO. Remember, what are your clients looking for?
  • Add your website and location.
  • If you would like to advertise any jobs within your company on LinkedIn, do so in the careers section.
  • Add the products and services to your company page. What does your company offer and why should anyone pick you? Is the programme good? Prove it! Get some recommendations.
  • Once this is all complete and you start to use and share your company with people, utilise the Analytics section to see what is good and what can be improved.


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