LinkedIn Marketing update


LinkedIn has just passed the 15,000,000 members mark in the UK.

When you consider that there are approx 67,000,000 in the UK and you realise that the 15,000,000 are mainly business owners, senior decision makers, senior and middle management and professionals, then you must start to realise that you MUST start to tap into the largest free database in the world and in the UK.

Are you using LinkedIn to its full potential?

2 Responses to “LinkedIn Marketing update”

  1. Helen Johns

    No, I am not using Linked In to its full potential, although I believe I have a well-populated profile. Your seminar on 9th April sounds interesting but the morning section about setting up a profile would not be relevant, as I have done. Could I attend the pm session only at a reduced price perhaps?
    Kind regards, Helen

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