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I thought that you might like to see these useful Websites.  Below is a list of websites that I think are really useful to small businesses.

This website has products that you can sell on your website for a commission as an affiliate.  Often commissions are in excess of 50% of the product

This is a great website with people offering to do things for you for a fiver.  The best bit is that it is $5

This is a great website for anyone providing a service to other businesses.  Simply add your details and research the opportunities

This is a great website for producing high quality

5    In my opinion the worlds best CRM, email marketing, affiliate programme and e-commerce website

The worlds leading CRM software

A site to get design done cheaply

This website matches people with job, with people with skills

This is a great website for outsourcing your marketing and utilising the worldwide small business methodology

Goldmail allows you to send people a professionally design video email and is well worth looking into

Provides you will alters from Twitter.  In other words when someone uses words like “does anyone know someone who can help me to ______” it alerts you

Gives you a score in terms of how well you are doing on social media

Enables you to take meeting notes, then upload them on to your computer and then with the click of a button turn these notes into typed text, or a report

Is a website where you can buy a great little tripod that folds away very small and is ideal for producing your YouTube videos

If you want a website that looks nice, but more importantly wins you business, then take a look at Portfolio Marketing

Looking for a great part time FD?  Talk to Trevor at The FD Group

If you are looking for top class printing, then Tim is your man at Solways Printers

There are two ways of growing your business.  Firstly, increase sales.  Speak to me.  Secondly, to reduce costs, speak to The Cost Reduction Company

If you want to know how to create sales for free on LinkedIn, then join the LinkedIn Academy

For tips, advice and training in marketing for small businesses

The worlds leading social media website for business

Great for tips and advice on personal and business development

Get a free blog.  You to get on to the first page on Google.  It is owned by Google and it is free.  Very powerful

Integrates all your social media into one website.  This site enables you to send out messages to all your contacts, on all your social media sites in one hit.  Great website!

On this website you can buy Camtasia video production software and no doubt other products.  Camtasia is well worth looking at if you are serious about video production

A great website for cheap email marketing.

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I hope one of these websites helps you to grow your business.

Best wishes,

Steve Mills
The Prudent Marketeer – The Founder of The LinkedIn Academy and The Marketing without Money Formula

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