Inhouse Training

We have developed an in-house training programme to help business people better understand how to win new business leads using the world’s No.1 professional networking opportunity (LinkedIn).

Most business people are on LinkedIn. For many businesses, the fact is that they don’t win much business from it because they don’t really know how to use LinkedIn to grow their business.

Our workshop would of course be bespoke to your business, but it could cover the following:

The workshop will train your team to:

1. Grow your database on LinkedIn through effective list building.

2. Link to relevant people.

3. Set up your personal profile.

4. Set up your company profile.

5. Get to No.1 on one specific key word.

6. Use groups to grow your business and to contact thousands of other businesses.

7. Use LinkedIn PPC advertising to drive people to your website.

8. Communicate your message and get people to pick up the phone, or visit your website through effective posts.

9. Build an interesting home page.

10. Market your events, or find events you might like to attend.

11. Keep in touch in order to build business relationships.

12. Get recommended by lots of people.

13. Use LinkedIn to achieve great results on Google.

Bookings are taken over the following periods:

  1. Lunch bites – a two-hour session held over lunch, breakfast, or during the afternoon.
  2. A full day integration workshop (we set you up and get you started and by the end of the day, you will know what to do to create an abundance of contacts and leads on LinkedIn).
  3. A full day LinkedIn workshop which combines integrating other Social Media sites.