How does social media help you win business?

How does social media help you win business?


Social media, there’s no way you haven’t heard of it yet. Over the past few years, social media platforms have changed not only the internet, but also the world. With daily users from all over the globe, there’s a big chance for you and for every business owner, practically for everyone out there, to show his products and strategies to such a big community. I already bet your rival companies are already using social media to promote their businesses, so why don’t you also seize the opportunity to take yours to the next level ?

What is social media marketing ?

Social media marketing is, for those who have still not heard of it yet or have still not understood what it really is, is a digital marketing strategy that small and big business owners use to build and promote their brand to a worldwide community.

How does social media help grow and win business?

Through his online presence, any business owner can develop his brand, even from scratch. Here are 4 main things social media marketing allows you to do !

  1. Showcase your brand.

There is not only one platform on which you can plan your marketing strategy. In fact, there are many social media tools that ensure this mission. So, through your presence here and there, you are showing off your brand to people out there, showing them the products you sell, the services you offer, pretty much everything your business consists of. And the more you are active, the more people’s knowledge about your business will grow. Therefore, potential clients will recognise you at a worldwide scale.

  1. Develop a loyal community.

Social media gives you as a business owner, various platforms with different kinds of customers. So, if you want to share your products in a B2B platform, where people are mainly logging in to look for business opportunities and hot product deals, you can use Twitter or LinkedIn, where millions of professionals spend hours every month chasing products. Or, if you want a more global, more thourough community, you can use facebook, third largest international gathering after China and India with a population of over a billion people, instagram, pinterest ,and many other platforms where people themselves will share your product with friends and relatives until you reach a BIG client base starting from a few ones, or even from scratch.

  1. Improve customer service.

Social media platforms are like heaven for every business owner. Why is it so ? Every customer online will share his experience, at least some of them will, and will reach out to you in these platforms whenever he needs anything, or finds something not perfectly working, or has a suggestion for you to improve the business. Therefore, these platforms ensure the fast contact and trust building between you and your customers, stregthening your relations with them, and allowing you meanwhile to know what they do really want, and what they don’t.

  1. Cut marketing costs.

Save your self the money, time and effort of making all those traditional marketing compaigns on press and Tv ! Especially if you are running a small business, this would be very expensive and hard for you to manage. While these traditional methods can lead to good results with tons of money spent on them, social media platforms offer you free to little cost options that can lead to even greater results. In fact, you can just run pages that share your relevant and attracting content, so that people see it and share it with their people. Or for more effective results, you can run an ad compaign that you need to know how to set in order to reach a specefic range of people interested in your business niche, for much less than what a Tv ad could cost you !

To sum up, every business owner should immediately use social media marketing strategies to show off his business to people with little to no cost , developping therefore a loyal client base for his product. Lots of people are doing it, so WHY DON’T YOU ?  The opportunity is still available for EVERYBODY to seize it ! Call 01256 242272!

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