Why LinkedIn training?

There are many reasons for using LinkedIn to grow your business and these include:

Watch my video.  In this video I explain why you need to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business as part of your Marketing Plan.

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Some of the reasons to use LinkedIn as part of your marketing:


  1. The use of Social Media websites is quickly becoming the No.1 way that businesses market themselves online.
  2. LinkedIn is the world’s No.1 Professional Social Media networking site.
  3. There are over 100 million members worldwide and this is growing all the time at a rate of one new member per second.
  4. Used effectively, LinkedIn is a great Search Engine Optimisation Tool and can help small businesses get to the first page of Google.
  5. It is free and so there is no cost other than your time (unless you use the PPC advertising, or upgrade features).
  6. Access to your connections 24/7 and send messages straight to them.
  7. Connecting with the people who know the people that you know.
  8. You can find and gain access to key people within a large corporation.  These are people who are almost impossible to gain access to through other means.
  9. The ability to segment (niche) the people and businesses that you want to target.
  10. LinkedIn is a great way of keeping in touch with the people that you already know.
  11. LinkedIn is a great way of telling people that you are connected to what you do and what you sell (remember this is networking and not selling); but that does not mean you don’t sell.
  12. Joining groups of like-minded people and groups that your client base would join.
  13. Using LinkedIn to direct people to your website, or blog.
  14. Linking other Social Media to your LinkedIn profile enables you to write something once, then use Twitter as a leverage.
  15. Advertise job vacancies or get a new job.
  16. Using LinkedIn as a platform for holding your business’ information.
  17. Getting recommended by your clients and those who know you as well as recommending others too.
  18. Advising and helping others as a way of enabling them to sample your expertise prior to buying.
  19. Offering something FREE, or at a discounted rate.
  20. Advertising your products, or services to a niche profile.
  21. Using your keywords to get your profile listed highly on LinkedIn.
  22. Recommend books to others.
  23. Add your blog to your LinkedIn profile.
  24. Run events and marketing them to the people that you are connected to.
  25. It is accepted more easily by some business people as social media for business.  Some still feel that sites like Facebook are for students (this is NOT true by the way).
  26. You get more out of it than what you put in.

Important point:- There are often many updates on LinkedIn and it is important to keep up to date with the many opportunities that the website provides.

Note: LinkedIn is very much a B2B site, but that does not mean that B2C businesses can’t use it.  Business owners and business people are also consumers!!