Mission statement

Our mission is to train business men and women all over the world to understand and to utilise the true potential of LinkedIn and to help them grow their businesses, their jobs and to become better.



The LinkedIn Academy’s values are:

1. We are open and honest with our clients, even when we have to tell them that an aspect of their marketing is not good enough.

2. We operate from a position of high integrity.

3. We aim to provide outstanding value and provide many value-added products and services free of charge.

4. Whilst we are certainly not perfect and we do get it wrong from time to time, we aim to provide our clients with ‘world class’ client service.

5. We are committed to providing value for money for our clients.

6. We are dedicated to keeping up-to-date with LinkedIn and Social Media Marketing.

7. We are committed to helping our clients measure their sales and marketing results.

8. We respect others, including our competitors and see ourselves as people who don’t know everything, but we do have some great questions and we believe in learning from the best in the world.

9. We keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

10. We enjoy what we do, but work hard at it, both for ourselves and for our clients.


We wanted to share our values with our members, so that they know what they can expect from us.

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