5 reasons why you should outsource your marketing

Are you tired of doing all the work by yourself ? Are you exhausted with working 90 hours a week just to try uselessly to grow your small business and take it to the next level ?You’re not alone ! Every business owner does face this issue at least once in his business career. So, you might be thinking of either hiring some employees to help you with your business or outsource your marketing. But, why does  outsourcing seem a  better option ? Here are 3 main reasons for you to outsource your marketing immediately !

  1. Saves you time to work on other important tasks in your business or to just relax !

Being a business owner nowadays means you have to keep up to date with all the business news, all the strategies that might take your business to the next level, all the  tools and ways to market your products, and so on. These do take too much time of your life, and outsourcing your marketing could save you some of that time to do other revenue producing tasks, or to just relax and have some fun. This could indeed set you free to do some sports or go watch a football match with your best friend ! Such activities are needed in one’s life for him to entertain himself and forget about all the work’s stress !

  1. Hire experts instead of just entry level administrators !

The reason some of us, business owners, hire some entry level employees as part time or full time workers is because of our low budget. But, even if this is convenient for our minimal financial budgets, It won’t give you the help you could get from a marketing expert ; these entry level marketing employees are just order takers, not next move makers, not thinkers and decision takers. They won’t therefore make you benefit from any marketing and strategical expertise that a marketing expert could be giving you. In fact, outsourced marketing professionals are not full times workers for any company or individual. This means that they work for a big number of customers all at once. You may be wondering now what does that have to do with expertise, or you might be pondering that as a cause of them not giving your work the importance it requires to get because of the huge number of their customers. Unfortunately, none of this is true, Fortunately, I mean ! This working style gives them access to an infinite number of ideas and inspirational thoughts they get from their contact with plenty of customers. So, some of their best ideas for some  clients are ones they get from other ones, coming  from completely different industries ! This variety is indeed a source of creativity and inspiration. And not to forget the fact that these marketing experts are, by the end, entrepreneurs, just like us ! This actually means that they know what it takes to do the work, and how hard is t to run the business. That’s why they’ll give you the best they can to ensure you won’t struggle down the way !

  1. Costs you less than an FTE ( Full Time Entry )

Hiring a professional marketing expert costs you as little as 50% what can cost you a full time entry or mid level marketing coordinator.  In other words, on one hand,  paying half the price to hire a professional marketing consultant will give you acces to all his marketing expertise and all his strategies and helpful ideas ; things you won’t get with an entry level employee. On the other hand, thses FTEs would only cost you more and more expenses ; labor laws, health care, payroll, taxes, and much more than this. You will be needing therefore a human resources professional just to manage all your employees ! These would not even exist if you just hire a marketing expert instead !

To sum up, outsourcing your marketing will mean having a professional, experienced help and a  source of inspiration to grow your business and take it to the next level, for costs far less than what could require a normal entry level employee. So, why don’t you give it a try ? I bet your rival business owners already use this method. So, why don’t you ?

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