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LinkedIn Training – The latest updates

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LinkedIn Marketing Analytics

LinkedIn Training


How to use LinkedIn Marketing Analytics to show you your personal profile, or company page have been performing.  Your company page analytics are only viewable if you are an administrator of the page and your personal analytics are  viewable at any time.

To view your analytics simply go to your homepage and click on ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ in the right hand column. You will be taken to a page telling you how often your profile has been viewed and how many searches you have been included in.

On your company pages you can click on the analytics to review information such as what industry people are from who have viewed your profile the most, and the seniority of those people. It also shows how many views each of your posts are getting and therefore what is of interest to your contacts and the market.

By using the LinkedIn Marketing Analytics you can target specific markets, or develop new markets.

for further information regarding marketing your business on LinkedIn go to LinkedIn Training.

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