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Social Media Marketing for Businesses | The LinkedIn Academy

As a member of ‘The LinkedIn Academy’ I am sure you would want to know about new ways of undertaking your marketing efforts, in terms of Social Media.

So many business owners have told my that they do not get the time to do it properly and so I have done something about it!

I have developed a ‘portal’ to enable us to undertake your social media for you.  At the moment it only works on Twitter and Facebook (LinkedIn is coming soon).  Rather than try to explain at about it, I have given you link to it so that you can take a look.

Click the link below:

Go to Social Media Managment Portal

Once you are there, an login with your e-mail as a user name and the password is demo1.  By doing so, you are not committed to anything and no credit card will be asked for.

Just take a look and let me know what you think.

By the way, I recently wrote a report on ‘how to get more Twitter followers‘.  E-mail me, if you would like a copy!