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Great tip for generating leads on LinkedIn

Steve Mills - linkedIn Training
As a member of The LinkedIn Academy I hope that you are creating leads from LinkedIn.  If not, here is a very simply tip for doing so. 

‘Pick up the phone and speak to your contacts’ 

I am often asked, what is the best way of keeping in touch on LinkedIn?  I believe that it is going back to basics and doing it the old fashioned way, calling your contacts. 

I am not taking about ‘cold calling’, you are ‘warm calling’. You are calling people that know you, at some level.  

When I use this strategy, I often get a day full of appointments, in a few hours of making calls. 

If you want to know more of my 30+ strategies for creating links on LinkedIn, then take a look at my LinkedIn DVD Programme. 

LinkedIn DVD Programme. 

Internet Marketing Training | Just not good enough

In 2013 getting ‘Internet Marketing fit’ is not a should, it is a must.  Let’s face it, more and more business is being done on-line and you need to be part of it.

You simply can’t afford to run your business using out of date ‘Industrial Age’ Marketing.  You must move forward into the‘Socialisation Age’.   You must embrace and develop the use of the many Internet Marketing without Money strategies that are available.  Sticking your ‘head in the sand’ and saying “I don’t understand the internet” is not good enough.