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A fact about YouTube

YouTube gets over 4 billion views every day.  No the ‘b’ was not a typo.  I did mean billion!  Are you using it to market your business?

Marketing Training Newbury

The Prudent Marketer is coming to Newbury! 

Steve Mills The Prudent Marketer is bringing his ‘Marketing without Money Workshop’ to Newbury. 

Working with the team at DCE Conferences who are the new conference venue in Bone Lane, Newbury, Steve is holding FREE workshop from 7.30am to 10.00am on 19th September. 

Steve explains “one of the biggest problems that small businesses face right now is lead generation. Many simply need to get more leads and others need to reduce their lead cost rate. During this introductory workshop I am going to show local business people how to win business without spending it. 

To attend the workshop which is open only to small business owners and senior management, simply call 0118 930 5700. 

For details of Steve’s services go to and for details of Newbury’s newest and best conference venue go to

LinkedIn Speaker | Steve Mills speaking in Witney

I am speaking at The Blue Boar, Witney (OX28 6BH) 7:30-9am on 21st August 2012.  There are usually 15-20+ people.  They are not a membership group so numbers vary.  There will be a range of different businesses that are regulars.  Just turn up!

LinkedIn Webinar Programme

We are just about to start our 4th LinkedIn for Business Webinar programme. On the last programme which ends tomorrow we have people from all over the world including Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, USA, Germany and even Carlisle. 
Here is a link if you want to join. It starts on 6th September. 
LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn Courses | Using the advanced search feature

Have you looked at the advanced search in the top right-hand corner? There are some really cool search tools here, including one which enables you to select a criteria and monitor new members. 

For example – I can search for accountants in London. Then as soon as a new accountant in London joins LinkedIn, I get an email me telling me that this new person has joined. 

I can then follow up this new member and hopefully win business from them.

LinkedIn Webinar Training

Just getting ready for week seven of my webinar programme.  The next one starts in September 2012.  Here is a link to the details –

LinkedIn Training Webinar

Marketing Training Berkshire

Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer, founder of The LinkedIn Academy and Marketing without Money Formula

I just wanted to send you a short email to let you know about some of the great profit boosting workshops, that we are running.  

So, if you want to create more leads for your business, take a look:

Creating leads from LinkedIn – 8 week Webinar Programme 
Learn how to use LinkedIn from the comfort of your office, over an 8 week period, 30mins per week. For further details go to LinkedIn Webinar 

Getting more sales on LinkedIn Workshops 

A half day workshop covering how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. For further details go toLinkedIn Training 

Website traffic Creation and Conversion
Getting traffic is the key to successful Internet Marketing, but Most small businesses do not understand Internet Marketing. This workshop is for those people. For further details go to Internet Marketing Training 

Highly effective Tele-Marketing Workshop 
Learn skills, strategies, techniques and attitude to create leads on the telephone. For further details go to Tele Marketing Training

Marketing without Money Workshop 
Have you ever wasted money on Marketing? Let’s face it we all have! Well in this workshop you will learn how to Market your business without risk and without spending any money. For further details go to Marketing without Money 

Converting leads into Sales Workshop 
Once you have created leads you need to be good at converting them. If you could get your conversion rate up from 40% to 60%, you have just grown your business by 50%. For further details regarding how to do this, go to Sales Training. 

Social Media Masterclass Workshop
A one day workshop with Frank Furness and Steve Mills. Frank has 3 million vews on his YouTube account, Steve is an expert in LinkedIn. Together, we will show you how to use Social Media to create an abundance of leads. For further details go to Social Media Masterclass 

If you want to book one of the above workshops, simply click on the orange link. 

If you have any questions, 
or you need help with creating and converting leads,call either myself, or one of my team on 0118 930 5700. 

Steve speaking at Chartered Institute of Marketing Event

It is great to be asked to speak again at the CiM Event in Hull on 9th October at 6pm.  To book go to LinkedIn Training