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LinkedIn Marketing

Is it a good thing that you tweets will no longer be shown on LinkedIn?  I think that it is.  LinkedIn was getting too full of rubbish from Twitter.

It should now be easier for business people to network and share ideas on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Training Berkshire | Jackie Jarvis interviews Steve Mills

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The Video Marketing Channel | Marketing without Money | Steve Mills

Subcribe to my video channel on YouTube in order to get my latest marketing ideas and tips.  Click the link below and then subscribe in the top righthand corner.

Here you go -

Marketing without Money Workshop

On 18th July I am running another Marketing without Money workshop at the Henley Management School, Henley-on-Thames.  Marketing without money is the cheapest marketing on the planet to implement.

For further details about the workshop go to this link -

Internet Marketing Training Berkshire

Just to let you know I am running my next DIY Internet Marketing Workshop at The Henley Management School on 3rd July.

Here is a link to further information -

YouTube hit 1 Trillion views on 2012 | YouTube Training

In 2011 YouTube had move then 1 Trillion views.  That is 140 views per person.  Should you be using YouTube to grow your business?  Wow

LinkedIn Training, Imogen Skirving of Langar Hall, Nottingham

Said…”Thank you very much for the invitation.  Steve is an inspirational speaker and I would have loved to come BUT thanks to following his advice our restaurant and hotel is so busy that I can’t get away further than Nottingham area!  Best wishes for a great day, Imogen

LinkedIn Training webinar

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Tony Robbins | Motive for Action

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LinkedIn Hacked…

LinkedIn has been hacked and The BBC are reporting that 6 million passwords have been leaked.  You might want to change yours?

Here is a link to the article -

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