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LinkedIn Marketing

£135,000 in three months on LinkedIn

I solicitor client of mine made £135,000 in their first three months on LinkedIn. Not a bad start!  This must be true.  She’s a solicitor!!!

The most powerful words in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Steve Mills is running LinkedIn Training Course for other Marketing Companies


Steve Mills - LinkedIn Training

As well as running our own LinkedIn training workshops and managing our online LinkedIn training course, we are also running LinkedIn training courses for a variety of other Marketing Companies, as well as Chamber of Commerce, Associatons, Networking Groups, not to mention private inhouse companies.

LinkedIn is really taking off!  It is growing exponentially at the moment and it is essential marketing for every business.

LinkedIn Training Swindon

Just to let you know that there are places still available on my LinkedIn Training in Swindon on 27th July 2011.  If you want to book click this link:

LinkedIn Training Swindon


The importance of headlines

There is an old saying in advertising that the Headline is the advert for the advert.

On LinkedIn the headline is the advert for the post, blog, group message, or event.  Therefore it is essential to have effective and interesting headlines.

So check your headlines to see if they can be improved.  By the way, this also applies to your website pages, articles and of course advertisements, including PPC advertising.

LinkedIn Training Berkshire

I have just completed another LinkedIn training workshop in Aldermaston and got some great feedback.  I am looking forward to next weeks Swindon event.  LinkedIn Training Swindon.

Just getting the site ready to Launch!

I am just getting the site ready to launch!  There are still a few things to do before we can say that we are fully happy, but in my opinion a website is never finished and I know that the LinkedIn Academy website will evolve over the years in the same way that LinkedIn evolves.

The current growth of LinkedIn

I have just read that LinkedIn is now growing at a rate of one new member per second!!! That is just awesome.

I also recently reading that by 2016 China will be the world’s No1 English speaking nation.

The world is quite definately changing.

Reading Business Review

It is always great to get some free publicity. The question is – what are you doing to encourage this type of Marketing?

Reading Business Review

Social Media Masterclass Training

Following the huge success of the social media Masterclass Frank and I ran in June we are taking it on tour on October and holding Social Media Masterclasses in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and then a 2 days bootcamp in Newcastle. For details and further details go click Social Media Training.

Take a look at Frank taking about using Social Media for Seach Engine Optimisation

We are going to show you how to acheive this…